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Technology and automation of business processes were the focus of IT for the past 50 years, but today the focus is shifting to data. Enterprises understand that the vast stores of data they manage contain significant unrealized potential, and are trying to unlock it. At the same time, data management is poorly understood. It cannot be achieved by buying technology, and there are no approaches that can be borrowed from elsewhere. The Information Age is different to the Industrial Age.

AskGet provides strategic and tactical consulting in data management. We understand data because we are thought leaders in the field.

AskGet has experience in nearly all major sectors including finance, international development, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, government, defense and intelligence, education, manufacturing, and insurance. Clients find the domain expertise invaluable for quickly engaging on projects. We also work in all the consulting modalities, including advisory, strategy setting, vendor selection, training, review, architecture, design, data analysis, project management, documentation, and programming.

AskGet has experience in all regions of the world, including developing countries.

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 Selected Practice Areas 
Reference Data Management
Reference data is a vital area of data management that is frequently overlooked. Askget has been a thought leader in this area for over 10 years, and is number 1 in Google for "reference data".

Our specialty site Reference Data Portal provides a host of information on this topic.

Master Data Management
Master Data Management (MDM) has shot into prominence since 2005, and is a major part of the data integration "gold rush". Technology is insufficient to succeed with MDM. AskGet strongly advises all enterprises considering MDM to think carefully about what they are committing to, and never to think that purchasing a solution alone will guarantee success.

Our specialty site Master Data Mgmt provides more details on this vital area.

Data Governance
Data Governance is increasingly being recognized as necessary for data management. However, enterprises do not want to create additional layers of bureaucracy, and do not want to implement policies and rules that will reduce the efficiency of business processes. There is also the suspicion that governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) do not work. Most, if not all, of the financial services companies that failed or suffered in the current economic crisis has extensive GRC implementations, that obviously did not sufficiently mitigate risk.

AskGet has developed a Principles-Based Data Governance, which offers an alternative to traditional top-heavy and perhaps ineffective governance approaches.

Our specialty site Metrics Driven Principles provides more details on our methodology. provides more details on this vital area.

Business Rules
AskGet provides innovative solutions in the area of business rules. We specialize in metadata engineering, and software devleoped by AskGet engineers is used by nearly all major US banks for credit card securitization. Askget believes that just as vast amounts of data can be managed, so vast amounts of logic will be managed in the future. The key will be harnessing metadata to structure this logic, and rules engine capabilities to execute it.

Our specialty site Business Rules ENgine explains our approach. It also has a sample application that can be downloaded.

Quote of the Day:

"There is no true value of anything. There is, instead, a figure that is produced by the application of a master or ideal method of counting or measurement." W. Edwards Deming (1986), Introduction to Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control by Walter A. Shewhart.


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